How to Get Him to Propose

A woman’s biggest romantic challenge is figuring out how to get him to propose when the relationship is ready to move to the next level. Since women are not taught any useful relationship dynamics like this during their 12 years of school, they usually don’t have a clue. I am here to give you a few clues, and help you get your boyfriend to propose to you. Long before you are picking out engagement rings, wedding dresses, or Helzberg diamonds, you need to work your way through these 4 phases of the relationship process.

  • How to Get Him to Like You
  • How to Get Him to Fall in Love With You
  • How to Get Him to Commit
  • How to Get a Man to Propose

Now that we have outlined the four phases preceding your wedding day, let’s take a closer look at how to get him to marry you, OK?

How to Get Him to Like You

This stage might seem like a no-brainer to you (and most women)…but, your first ideas, are usually, your worst ideas. You want a man to be attracted to you, for who you are, not what you have physically. Do not make the mistake of using sex as bait. If that is all the guy is after, once he gets it, he will be gone. Instead, take a deeper approach, and seduce his soul, so to speak.

Show him that you have many things in common, and don’t lie about it. The worst mistake you could make is pretend to like the things he does, just to make him like you. If the man you pick does not share enough things in-common with you to make a good relationship, walk away, and find a man that does. A man is looking for a woman he can be himself with, and share the things he loves with. If that is not you, do not try to “fake it, til you make it”. You will only live to (terribly) regret it.

How to Get Him to Fall in Love With You

Once again, just being your “true” self, and being honest with the “right man” will always be enough to make him fall in love with you. There is no need for “tricks” or psychological tactics, just be yourself, and enjoy the journey. The real key here is to pick the “right man”, and that goes back to being open and honest about what you like and dislike. Pretending to love the things he does, or hoping one day you will, or he will stop loving the things you don’t like, is a recipe for disaster. Be true to yourself and your man, and his love for you will grow like crazy. You will not be able to stop it.

How to Get Him to Commit

If you got the first two phases right, this should pretty much happen on it’s own. If it seems like he is hesitating, and you’re wondering how to get him to commit, go back to the first two phases, and see if you missed anything. Make sure you are totally honest with yourself. If everything was right on track, his hesitation is probably because things are going so well, and moving so quickly, that he is getting scared.

DO NOT panic. If a man gets scared it doesn’t mean he is a “commitment-phobe”. I suggest you take things slower, and let him settle down. When a guy finds “the one” it can scare the hell out of him, I know it would me. We (men) really are simple creatures, and frightened of our emotions at times. Don’t take it personal, and let things naturally progress. If you panic, and press him, he will run.

How to Get a Man to Propose

I will start off by telling you how NOT to get a man to propose to you, and that is by issuing an ultimatum. Men hate being pushed into doing things, as I suspect women do, as well. Women can feel the alter getting closer, and tend to get real jumpy. This can be made even worse by her friends telling her what to do. I hear this all the time. Women telling other women how to handle their relationships, and what “they would do”. Don’t listen to them unless it agrees with what I am going to tell you right now.

If a man seems hesitant to propose to his girlfriend it is because he is not quite sure yet. All you have to do is make him sure you are “the one”, and he will propose to you. How do you do that? Casually (don’t be obvious) remind him of how many things you enjoy doing together. Help him reaffirm how right you are for each other without pressuring him. This is how to get him to propose and marry you.

When a man finds a woman who understands him enough to help him deal with his emotions in his own way, and time…he is a goner. He will love and cherish her for the rest of his life. This can only happen when two people share enough deep beliefs, and feelings together. Make sure you pick the right man in the beginning, and everything else will just practically fall into place, on it’s own.

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