How to Get Him to Marry You

Let’s talk about how to get him to marry you after he proposes. I know you are thinking…what? My boyfriend proposed to me, why wouldn’t he go through with the wedding? If you are seriously asking yourself that question, you “really” need to read this article. Most women think they have it all wrapped up after their guy proposes to them, and that is where it all comes unglued. Do you want to know why? Let’s take a look at what happens before, and after the engagement, and how to get him to marry you, after he proposes.

Before Your Boyfriend Proposes to You

The relationship seems to be progressing right along. You have dropped enough “marriage hints”, and your man has picked them up, and takes the next step. That is how to get him to propose. But. Getting engaged, and getting married are two different events. You have to ask yourself; “does it seem like it was HIS idea, or did he just bend to my will?”

Most men will get the feeling that if they don’t propose, and get engaged to their girlfriend, she will leave them, even if she never says a word. You see, your actions speak louder than your words. Your body language, and mannerisms tell a lot about how you really feel. You cannot lie to your man, and expect to get away with it, for long. Your guy will sense this problem, and attempt to fix it (like men do) by giving you what he thinks you want. But. Is it how to get him to marry you? No.

How to Get Him to Commit After You Get Engaged

Now that your boyfriend has proposed to you, your man feels like he has solved the pending problem with your relationship. Everything is good again, right? Maybe not. He knows the wedding is a ways off, so he isn’t too worried at the moment, but what happens as the BIG day draws near? Second thoughts.

  • Does this mean that your man doesn’t love you? No.
  • Does it mean that he does not like commitment? No.

So, what does it mean? It may mean, he is not ready for marriage. But, usually in a vast majority of instances, it means that things are moving too fast, and he is not sure if you are “the one”. He loves you, and wants to be with you, but, this next step confuses him. Why? Most likely because he proposed out of necessity, not desire. Is this how to get him to propose and marry you? No.

How to Get Him to Marry You if He Has Doubts After the Engagement

Here is how to (not) get him to marry you if he starts having doubts about the wedding: getting angry, and misunderstanding what is happening in his heart (and head). As soon as a man says he is unsure about getting married (most) women freak out, and start assuming the worse, when all they need to do is subtly “remind” their guy why they are so good together. Here’s how to get him to marry you even though he is having doubts about the wedding date.

The fact that you don’t fly of the handle when he brings up the subject of “doubts” will show him a lot about his woman. You are understanding, and you don’t think he is a “lying weasel and a commitment-phobe” for bringing up the subject of (maybe) waiting to get married. You see every problem is just an “opportunity” to make your relationship even stronger, if you know what to do when things like this happen. The more you learn about the way men process their emotions, the closer you are to understanding how to get a man to commit.

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