How to Get a Man to Commit

If you want your man to propose and marry you, first you must learn how to get a man to commit. Well, there are many factors to consider when you set out to get your boyfriend to propose. If you take the time to learn about these factors, and take them into consideration, you will not only get him to propose to you, but you will get your boyfriend to marry you, as well.

Let’s face it, a proposal is not a guarantee that you will get married, especially if you do not play your cards right. So, it is time to learn how to play the game (so to speak), and turn that proposal into a life long marriage of love and happiness. Let’s get started.

There are basically 5 stages in the process of how to get him to propose and marry you.

  • Picking The Right Man

I said, the “right” man for a reason, why? If you don’t pick the right man from the beginning, you will never make it to the final stage, and that will cost you time, and only bring you heartbreak. You definitely do not want to waste time, or get your heart broken, right?

  • Making First Contact

Once you have found the right man, you need to make yourself known to him. If you don’t, you will never make it to the next stage, obviously.

  • Dating and Creating A Strong Love Bond

You must learn how to create a strong love bond (connection) with a man to make it to the next stage.

  • How to Get Him to Commit to You as a Boyfriend

This is the stage where most women blow it. You have to know how to get a man ready for a relationship, and giving ultimatums, is not the way to do it.

  • How to Get Your Boyfriend to Propose

This is another stage where women usually get so jumpy that they push the man away. It seems like the man pulled away from you when things were going so great, but you actually “pushed him away”. It happens all the time.

How to Get a Man to Commit

The relationship cycle usually goes like this, you meet, you date, you commit, or you breakup. So, before you can even start worrying about getting him to propose, you have to learn how to get him to commit to you. Makes sense, right? What is one of the things that really makes a man want to commit to a woman in a relationship?

He feels like the woman accepts him for himself, and not what he can give to her, or do for her. Love is just not enough, he must feel that you value him, for who he is, not what he does for a living, or has for possessions. Even though men like to brag (show off) their accomplishments, they are not the only things we want our woman to value us for. You have to learn about what men look for in a relationship, and give it to them if you ever expect him to commit to you. And contrary to popular belief, sex is not all we are after, either.

Once you know how to remove a man’s fear of relationships, you are well on your way to making him your life long partner.

How to Get Him to Propose

Once you have him ready to commit to you as a girlfriend, you start moving towards a lifetime commitment as his wife. Like I mentioned in the beginning, getting him to propose to you, and then actually marrying you are two different things. He may propose to keep you from leaving him, but he will not get married if he doesn’t feel like you are “the one” for him. If you want a man to feel like you are “the one” for him, you must be aware of his sense of “destiny”.

What is that?

It is this gut feeling men have that they have some great task to complete, or journey to undertake, and they want a willing partner, not a woman who will try to talk them out of it. And don’t try to lie about it, and figure you can change his mind later. If a man senses in his “gut”, that you are somehow not on board with his destiny, he will leave you. You will see it as “him pulling away from you”, or “fear of commitment”, but it is not. I know I would rather give up the woman I love, before I would give up on my hopes and dreams. Why?

Because I would never be happy, and if I wasn’t happy, I would never be able to keep the woman I love happy. Men don’t want to make the woman they love unhappy, we want to please her. This really goes back to stage one of the process of how to get him to propose and marry you…picking the right man. If you get that stage right, you shouldn’t have any problems with the rest of the process.

How to Get Him to Marry You

The real secret of how to get him to marry you, is not to manipulate him into proposing. This means not using a woman’s favorite weapon…ultimatums. This means DO NOT GET DESPERATE. Desperate women make mistakes, and those mistakes ruin the chances of getting your boyfriend to marry you. If you make a man feel like he has to propose to keep you, you really run the risk of him backing out before the wedding. Chances are he will propose, and then find a way out after he comes to the conclusion that he can not make you happy.

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